I’m planning to open a new coffee shop, now what…

Coffee shop is one of the most fun businesses you can have, especially if you’re a coffee lover yourself. However, keep in mind that selling coffee is a high competitive business but that should not scare you off. There so many ways that you can do to ensure the success of your coffee shop business, this article will emphasize on five tips for a successful coffee shop business like Charisma Workhop & Commercial Kitchen Design.

cafe fitout

1. Advertising

You need to use proper advertising methods as the owner, be prepared to put your ideas in paper and posting your coffee shop name on billboards. However, if you consider cash, there are other small and low cost methods that you need to enhance such as open a website for your coffee shop and posting photos and videos about type of services and coffee that you offer, you can also state the location, building and street where your business is located. To direct your customers well state or take a photo of nearest famous or tallest building which is just near to your coffee shop. Remember to include contacts so that willing customers can call you. You can also print business cards and give people passing by or customers leaving your coffee shop after taking a cup of coffee. You can always contact a SEO consultant and trainer that can help you out with your online marketing.

2. Location

Business location is very important for all the businesses in the world. It’s recommended that before you open your coffee shop, you need to spend time looking for locations that you feel would be a great place for opening your business. It should be a high traffic location, this means that most people are just plain lazy and they would like a place where they will drive or walk-in easily without spending time.

Furthermore, your coffee shop should not be located in an area that is difficult to get in and out of. Most coffee shop customers are very busy persons who like taking coffee for brain stimulation, this means that they are always in a hurry. You should make it easy for them to hurry up. Locate your coffee shop in a place where there are two drive-through ways.

Your coffee shop should have or near entertainment- many people enjoy stopping-in for a cup of coffee and perhaps sweet treat after a night at a movie, theatre or game of bowling.

3. Menu

Your coffee shop should offer different cups of coffee. Some people will prefer black coffee than other types of coffee and that case does not apply to all your customers. Be ready to sell different types of coffee to cater for the needs of all customers.

Remember that you need to prepare menu list in way that it’s simple, short and well presentable. Make the menu list available in all coffee tables or you can fix some written on the wall.

Your coffee shop should also sell different quantities of coffee at different prices. Some shop may choose other type of coffee like green coffee bean extract. A great cup of coffee is that which is served with a snack which offers a very nice way to end the day especially if you have variety of decaf on hand.  Make sure your commercial coffee machine has a accurate boiling temperature to keep taste consistency.

4. Coffee shop fit out

Believe me or not, a person’s surrounding has a lot to do with their moods and how they feel. Ensure that your coffee shop fit out is comforting and fun, you can actually sell more by doing that. Avoid overcrowding your coffee shop with a lot of seats and tables, while arranging your coffee shop style, leave some free area for incoming and out-going customers. There’re other customers who like taking a cup of coffee with their children. Space should be created in such a way that children can move around freely. Cafes like to have a different concept to be different from others such as having a free wifi, modern furniture or even adding a small section with an office fit out.

5. Coffee brand

There are different types of coffee brands available, some are good others are not really worth of selling. Customers would like to have a good coffee brand that will completely water dissolvable. Small and fine coffee particles brand will sell more than large coffee particles that remain floating on the water and eventually justify in the cup or in your customers’ mouth. Be ready to sell a widely tested and known coffee beans brand even if is expensive it will actually bring more customers.

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