Benchtop Bain Marie

The best and people’s favourite solution for storing and conserving hot food is in a commercial bain marie where you can control the temperature and keep your food warm or cold. Petra Equipment has a large range of commercial and benchtop bain maries and food warmers that can hold from a single gastronorm pan up to 12 pans in length.  Most of the takeaway business, buffet, sandwich shop and cafes use bain marie to ensure the food don’t get dry before serving your customers. A bain marie also known as a water bath or double boiler. A Bain Maries is simply a pan of hot water used for gentle heating the food in submerged steel containers and to keep food warm over a period of a time. FED have several bain marie countertops, commercial kitchen equipment Perth & commercial dishwashers products available in the inventory and this commercial equipment is ideal for the catering equipment industry for holding prepared dishes such as beans, curry. They are various type of bain maries including sauce bain marie, food warmers, chocolate bain maries and so on …. These bain maries are commonly used as chafing dishes for catering events and parties where require precise temperature control of prepared foods.

bain marie

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