How to Brand a Coffee Shop

How to Brand a Coffee Shop

Deciding to open a business is a nightmare. From the design, to the workforce, to the location and the marketing, it can all be a bit overwhelming. And if these are not properly considered, there is a big chance that your business would actually flop before it has even taken off.

That is why branding any business is important. Making sure that you do the right branding for your business helps you build the reputation that you need for your customers to know. Without proper branding on your business, it will be hard for you to gain back your investment. Reputation is everything for a business because this is what drives your leads and your sales.

While a lot of businesses are easy to brand, the same thing can’t be said with coffee shops. A lot of coffee shop owners still struggle with how to brand a coffee shop business. Generic tips on branding a business can be helpful, but there are few tips on how to specifically target branding for coffee shops. You can eventually ask some industry recognized adviser like Paul Ayyah.

To give ideas on how you can brand a coffee shop business, here are 7 simple tips to get you started:

Tip 1: Curate the experience for your café.

Comfort, amenities and good design give your customers something to go back to. Price is not as important as having the experience that people get when they are at coffee shops. If they feel that they are comfortable in a coffee shop with good air conditioning, beautiful interiors, fast internet connection and superb service, these will be your driving factors for your shop to gain more customers.

While it does pay to be trendy, being the expert of your own product will translate to a more intimate relationship with your customers. Customers will rather choose coffee shops that they know provides sincere customer service and not just any other shop who’s just jumping on the latest coffee trend. Add additional side food, you can invest in Apuro catering equipment.

Tip 2: Capitalize on customer feedbacks and reviews.

Customer engagement with your business is important. When customers leave positive feedback for your business, it will again boost the brand of your coffee shop. It follows that if you know how to take care of your customers and you know what they want, positive feedbacks and word of mouth will be easy to gain. But a better way to ensure that your business will have this is to provide positive reinforcement to your customers and make them work for you. How? One way you can do this is by offering them discounts in exchange for reviews. While there’s a risk that negative reviews will be given, positive reviews are most likely to happen because they are gaining something good out of it anyway.

Tip 3: Develop your own style.

Your style dictates how customers will be attracted to your shop. A beautiful, unique signage will always catch the eye of traffic. It follows then that you must make sure to have not only an attractive interior, but an eye-catching exterior as well. Exteriors will help invite your customers to visit your shop. And having a cohesive style and design for your shop will keep customers associating your aesthetics with their experience.

Tip 4: Find other ways to be attractive.

Go on social media and make use of the inexpensive marketing it offers. Coffee shops who prepare their social media profiles before they do their openings usually have a bigger chance of having customers on opening day. You have to create hype around your shop so that people will be curious and visit it.

Other ways that you can make your shop more attractive to your customers would be being present in social or community functions. Give out free drinks, give out discount coupons, give out loyalty cards – the options are only limited by your creativity. Invest in digital marketing such as a website and Facebook.

Tip 5: If worse comes to worst, outsource.

The stress of opening a coffee shop may be too overwhelming for you to consider on how to make your shop more comfy and attractive to your customers. Don’t fret because outsourcing professionals can always be an option. This gives you more time to consider your vision on how you brand your coffee shop. And the good thing about it is, although you are not focusing much on the details, your feedback will still be valuable to the person you hire.

Knowing how to brand your coffee shop may be daunting. But if you know how simple it can be, you won’t be as scared or overwhelmed with actually doing it. Now that you know how easy it can be, start those plans now and have the coffee shop that you’ve always wanted. Make sure you got the right cafe shop designer, project manager, electricians, plumber & operational team during the shopfittings process.